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On Becoming a Healer

Something was missing. I had an amazing husband. I had just given birth to my third spectacular child, but I felt a hole that I couldn't quite look at. It had been there for a long time. I was barely aware of it.

One afternoon we were stopped at a stop light. My three and six year olds were chatting in the back. I was comforting the new baby in the middle seats while my husband drove. Without warning the back of our mini van exploded in glass and grinding metal. I thought a bomb had gone off. The girls were crying. My 3 year old son was noticeably not crying. The fire department and then an ambulance came. We had been hit by a drunk driver.

The whiplash was bad, and the kids stayed scared for a long time, but none of us were seriously injured. My husband, however, was not healing. His pain went on and on. We had taken him to see the doctor. Then he saw several doctors and chiropractors and acupuncturists. Still his pain persisted. Finally, one of the chiropractors told us he would give us a name that he doesn't usually give out because if he did he wouldn't have any clients.

My daring and determined husband went to go see this "intuitive healer." It was amazing. He not only started to feel better, but he started to see what had been in the way of his healing. He came home from that first appointment and described the experience. He told me that she laid her hands on him and could see images of what was happening and what needed to happen to shift it. Then she would help move the energy. I looked at him and without thinking told him, "I can do that." That was a real conversation stopper. "Excuse me, what?" I repeated myself with the qualifier that I had no idea why I thought that, but I was sure I could do it.

I went to go see this healer as soon as I could to see if she could help with the chronic back pain I had been suffering and to quench my curiosity. As soon as I felt her work, I knew I was right. I could definitely do this, and further more I was meant to do it. In a very short time of working with her I remembered having these images and sensations as a child. It didn't take long before I started to apprentice with her. We would both put our hands on a client, and she could feel what I did, and I could feel what she did, and together we did big work.

When I was little, particularly when I wanted to help, I could see and feel things inside other people and in the world around me. This ability had been lost to me for a long time. Though it did try to peek out every now and then. Like when I would rub my then boyfriend's (soon to be husband's) cramping legs, and when I did the baby massage for my first born's colic, but I always dismissed it as my weird imagination. Now there was someone else that saw it too. I was finally free-ish. I still had a hard time believing that I wasn't simply mentally ill, and that the visions were real.

She and I worked this way until she finally told me she thought I should just start treating people on my own. I saw people here and there, mostly friends and friends of friends. Anyone who could work around my crazy mom schedule. During these years I learned about my gift, and I kept refining it. Watching people get well is what finally convinced me that I was sane , and this was real. As my skills grew so did my connection to the Divine. I continually ask to be led through my work. I ask for guidance and listened to and followed that guidance to the best of my ability.

About nine years ago, one of my clients mentioned the work of Solihin Thom. I was vaguely intrigued, but it was my husband (trail blazer that he is) that went to go see him. Again he came home and told me about his experience. Now my interest was more than vague, so I went to see Solihin as well. I couldn't believe how precise this work was, and how deep how quickly it went. I immediately asked Solihin when he was going to teach me this work. He said he was doing a four day workshop shortly after that. I went, and then devoured every class that was offered from then on. I practiced and worked and eventually added it to my practice.

As my competence grew I started seeing this work in all aspects of my life. I even saw the mudras in the tiny hands of my newborn fourth child. She came into this world in screaming distress after a harrowing week before her birth. I used the mudras she was showing me to ease her distress, and she immediately turned into this content, awake, watching person. It was amazing to witness.

I have even used this work to deal with my own demons, pains and traumas. I have used these blessings to continue to help others. I am forever grateful that I have found these steps on the path of my life. I know with certainty that at least for this moment this is what I am meant to do.

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