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When our ancestors suffered, when they pulled away from the Divine, when they were traumatized, it had an effect on the way their genes expressed, and those changes got passed down through generations. I see this in my work all the time. Most of us are reliving old patterns, patterns that we inherited from our parents and our parents parents and back through the generations. We don't realize that we have the ability to set these patterns down, to clean our genes, so to speak. Whether it's a predisposition to heart disease or depression, we can set that baggage down and pick up our lives.

Our genetic expression not only effects our physical bodies, it effects how we see things, our ability to be upright and to have integrity, our ability to truly come to life. Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by changes in gene expression. There have been several studies in what causes these changes from chemicals in our environment to the food that we eat. More recently scientists have started to look at trauma as a factor. These stories coat our cells. We can release those old traumas and pains (ours and our grandparent's) through telling these stories, and allowing a cleaner expression of the genetic code we were meant to have.

The healing process of InnerDialogue™ is exceptionally useful in finding and releasing these stories. As a practitioner of InnerDialogue™ I have been blessed to witness many people set down the patterns they inherited as well as the patterns that developed in this life. I am grateful everyday in my life and in my toolbox.

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