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Premixed Blends and Kits

Bottles of tincture or potion and dry he

Choose from an array of premixed blends that can support you and help with daily aches, pains and personal growth.

Headache Spray: good for any headache but particularly helpful for migraine pain.

Disco Inferno Burn Oil: eases pain and promotes healing of minor burns.

Prana Builder: helps your system build more life force when you are depleted.

Skin Soothing: Great for cold sores razor burn and many other skin irritations.

Etheric Shield: keeps everyone else's energy on their side of your skin.

Open My Heart: When you want a deeper connection to your innermost being.

Mistakes Make Me Interesting: Helps you to move forward in confidence accepting that you are worthy of love regardless of the outcome of your efforts.

My Mind is My Own: Helps lift "Foggy Brain" so you can use your mind to its fullest capacity.

Body Safety: Great to help you release chronically tight muscles and the sense that you are hovering or buzzing.


Removing Dark Forces: This incredibly powerful oil helps you to lift any dark that have over come you or been placed upon you. 

Safe Haven: clears negative energy from rooms making them more comfortable and keeping illness at bay.

Sarah's Owie Oil: great for boo boos and minor injuries, numbs pain as well as helps to disinfect.

Survivor's Kit: this kit will support survivors of sexual assault, childhood abuses, and surgeries. It includes 

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