Premixed Blends and Kits

Choose from an array of premixed blends that can support you and help with daily aches, pains and personal growth.

Headache Spray: good for any headache but particularly helpful for migraine pain.

Disco Inferno Burn Oil: eases pain and promotes healing of minor burns.

Prana Builder: helps your system build more life force when you are depleted.

Skin Soothing: Great for cold sores razor burn and many other skin irritations.

Etheric Shield: keeps everyone else's energy on their side of your skin.

Open My Heart: When you want a deeper connection to your innermost being.

Mistakes Make Me Interesting: Helps you to move forward in confidence accepting that you are worthy of love regardless of the outcome of your efforts.

My Mind is My Own: Helps lift "Foggy Brain" so you can use your mind to its fullest capacity.

Body Safety: Great to help you release chronically tight muscles and the sense that you are hovering or buzzing.


Removing Dark Forces: This incredibly powerful oil helps you to lift any dark that have over come you or been placed upon you. 

Safe Haven: clears negative energy from rooms making them more comfortable and keeping illness at bay.

Sarah's Owie Oil: great for boo boos and minor injuries, numbs pain as well as helps to disinfect.

Survivor's Kit: this kit will support survivors of sexual assault, childhood abuses, and surgeries. It includes