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InnerDialogue Filemaker to HTML


Eliminates the need for FileMaker, makes the dBase accessible with any web browser



The AdHumanitas InnerDialog™ database is an invaluable tool for practitioners around the world. Originally created in Apple's FileMaker, it is now time for it to grow beyond the limits of this platform! The work that this campaign will fund will liberate the community from the cost and hassle of relentless upgrades of operating systems and applications, resulting in an interactive electronic manual that can be accessed with a web browser from any platform.

FileMaker No More

The software industry has created a very lucrative system to charge the public repeatedly for functionality that we have already purchased. 

New operating systems are released and old version made obsolete every few years. These often require updates to applications on the computer as well. This ties us to a never-ending series of charges for software updates and new computers. 

It also takes away valuable time to upgrade the database rather than creating new content.

Hypertext Markup Language

There is a great solution to all this, and it is right in front of you, right now. HTML (hypertext markup language) is the way information is being conveyed to you on this website. It is designed to work efficiently on any operating system, Mac, PC, Chrome, iOS, Android, Linux.

Does everything have to be rewritten?

No, we will extract the data and images from the existing database and the updates currently in process and format them to be accessed via the HTML templates that we will create under the guidance of Solihin Thom.

We will also create simple content authoring tools that Solihin and other content creators can use to add new information to the database. The work required to add content is not going to change, but it will no longer require expensive, proprietary software, and by being published on a secure site on the web, we will all be able to get the latest updates instantly, without having to buy a new iPad or Mac and the latest version of FileMaker.

Who is running this campaign?

We are not Ad Humanitas.  Kip and Robin Johnston are members of the Ad Humanitas community who own a software development company in Portland, Oregon (  We are offering our experience with project management free of charge, and our software development resources at our cost to make this conversion a reality for all the reasons outlined above.

Robin is an active practitioner ( helping individual clients, hosting workshops and facilitating constellations. 

What will this cost me?

This project will control the costs incurred by practitioners by eliminating the constant charges and hassles associated with updating Apple hardware and software.

Access to the website will require a yearly subscription and an initial buy-in fee.

For those practitioners who have already purchased the existing database (any modules), the buy-in fee is $500 (US).

For practitioners who have attended classes but have not yet purchased any database modules the buy-in fee is $1,000 (US). This will get you access to the entire database. 

The yearly subscription fee for the website is $150 (US) after the first year. 

By comparison, most of us are already paying $242 per year to Apple just to access the database. 

Consider that Apple charges $540 (US) for the latest version of FileMaker Pro 18, and $197 (US) every few years to stay current.  New iPads cost $500- $800 (US) and seem to be required every three to four years. 

Instead of paying Apply, this project will provide compensation to Solihin and the Ad Humanitas team for their tireless efforts compiling, clarifying and maintaining this knowledge base.

Please note that you must have attended Ad Humanitas training to be eligible to subscribe to the database website.  

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