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Bring Yourself to Light

Robin Johnston

InnerDialogue Practitioner

The work of Solihin and Alicia Thom


Robin Johnston
 In 2005 Robin rediscovered an empathic ability to heal. She worked with other healers to hone her skill. With a desire to share her gift, she began her practice in 2006. As her relationship with her practice deepened, she discovered InnerDialogue™, created by Solihin and Alicia Thom. Devouring every available class on the subject, she became a certified practitioner in 2007.

This work starts with the fundamental understanding that on your deepest levels, you know who you are and what you need. We simply help you find that information and to use it to heal yourself. This is done through several different techniques. Through these methods your inner stories are unfolded and expressed. This expression leads to deep healing on every level.


You can read more about each technique in the Book Online section.

Robin is also an artist. Through her art she explores her subconscious and allows others to witness her healing journey. While each of her healing practices allow her to witness for the people she works with. Helping them find their way towards becoming the best versions of themselves that  they can be, in this lifetime.

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Body Balance

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